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Taking two years to construct on a casual basis below are photograpths of a modern model  bus station which I have scratch built.  The model is not based on anywhere in particular, however Warrington Bus Interchange has provided some inspiration.  The model is still to be fully completed as it has taken a back seat due to family commitments.


I started with a paste table so it could be moved around easily and it was found to be an ideal size for a realistic bus interchange.  When speaking with other fellow model makers I was pleasently surprised that using textured spray paint for the road worked.  The surface of the paste table was sprayed out in the back garden however some touch up work was done in the kitchen to my Wife's dissmay!  I then cut to shape craft wood, painted them using tester paints from a well known DIY store and scored the wood when the paint was dry to represent paving.  The picture on the left shows this stage.

This picture shows the progress of applying road markings on the model.  The whie lines are produced using a metal ruler and in places a steady hand!  I used Tipex for the white road markings and tester paint for the yellow bay seperation and for the "red carpet" treatment for the entrance to the bus interchange.  

An arial view of the east side of the bus interchange.  a "Buses Only" and "5 MPH" road markings have been applied.  On the left is the bus lane incorperating a cycle lane which provides dedicated access to the bus interchange for PSVs.

Looking at the west side of the bus interchange I hve applied a crosshatch road marking around the bus garage for health and safety!   In addition, I have applied a 5 MPH road marking and a taxi bay next to stand 1.  This stand will be  designated for National Express services, therefore the taxi rank will be handy if you have a lot of luggage!

Looking from the oposite direction and showing that it was a paste table!  Further road markings have been applied including tactile paving on the pavement for the pedestrian crossings.  

Again looking from the east side of the bus interchange.  Both double yellow lines, cycle lane road markings and buildings have been applied.  Other than the bus interchange building itself which is shown later, all of the other buildings are ready made steet scene 00 guage railway products.

An idea of how just in itself the bus interchange building is a project of its own. The building has progressed since this photograph was taken.  I have added working sliding doors! and glazing.  I have also fitted an interior of seats/departure displays at each bay, marble floor and an escalator!  I have also fitted lighting.

Showing the entrance to the bus station off the busy A road.  The bus interchange is Independtly operated so all operations are monitored through the arrivals/departures hut.  

Looking directly at the A road.  Traffic lights, trafic bariers and street lights have now been applied to produce a more realistic representation.  Both traffic lights and street lights do light up!  The traffic barriers have been modified from a kit by being cut, shaped and hand painted.

As seen in this photograph a National Express Irizar PB in bay 1.  In Bay 2 and 3 are local First services.

On the corner of bay 1 a first Scania omnicity ocupying that stand.  The corner shop can been seen with a post box and some passengers waiting to be let onto the bus!

Each bus stand has a spacious area for waiting passengers.  Two first buses parked waiting for their departure time.

A National Express Shuttle negotiating the mini round-a-bout.  This is looking from the west side of the bus interchange looking north east.  Also can be seen car parking spaces.

Prior to the A road having its road markings applied is this supermarket and a scooter user who is in a hurry trying to overtake a taxi!

Crossing the busy A road is a passenger for a National Express service.

A taxi pulling of the rank stopping to let a member of the public cross over to the round-a-bout.  The crossing allows passengers to access the setting down stands on the south side of the bus interchange.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to this model bus interchange.  This model has not been displayed at any exibitions as of yet.