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Bus and Coach Photography

Photographs stitched together of different buses taken in the North West of England

Bus Art & Drawing

As a teenager I developed an interest in drawing; naturally bus and coach design emerged frequently throughout my art work. This was in the 1990's where stepped entrance buses were predomantly in the UK. Europe was taking a lead in low floor design and as such I began drawing my own designs. I am now interested in drawing buses and coaches of todays designs and operators. If you have a particular interest and would like an exclusive drawing of a specific design or operator please feel free to contact me. All drawings use pencils from a well known Cumbrian company and are produced on A3 sized paper.


Spot the Difference! The top picture is my drawing of a Runcorn based Gas Bus working the X30 Service to Chester and the photograph below is of the same vehicle operting the X30 service to Warrington.


Spot the Difference take 4! The top picture is my drawing of an MCV Evolution boddied ADL Enviro 200 of Halton Transport. The drawing is of when it was new hence larger Halton Transport logo rather than the smaller version to make way for advertising that is now the case. The photograph below my drawing is the same bus seen in Widnes. Hopefully you can see the detail of my drawing, with such features as the unique red coloured seats and box like desighn of this vehicle.


This is a pencil drawing of a North Western East Lancs EL2000 bodied Dennis Falcon based at Runcorn Beechwood depot. They were allocated to services into Liverpool and Chester. This is G382 EKA No 382. I have a memories of these vehicles thundering down the busway in Runcorn.


This is a pencil drawing of an Arriva Runcorn Depot Wright Cadet VDl SB120CS fleet number 2526 registration DK55 FXM. This is the strider livery for which this bus arrived new for serving Runcorn, Widnes, Warrington and Liverpool localities. The number of buses that are remaining in this livery had reduced significantly due to the cadet fleet being repainted into the new style corporate livery. The photgraph below the drawing shows the bus in action in Runcorn on the 82a service heading back towards Halton Hospital.


Arriva Wrightbus Pulsar 2/VDL SB200. This bus was purchased new for the X1 Limited stop service between Runcorn and Liverpool, this was the only one which has not been branded for this service. It can also be seen on such services as 110 and X30. The photograph below my drawing is the same bus with an advert applied. Hopefully you can see the detail of my drawing, with such features as the traveline on the window, accesibility signs on the front and the "Connextions" logo on the rear side of the vehicle.


Based on a photograph out of the National Express Handbook is another Selwyns of Runcorn Coach. This time a Caentano Levante Scania K340 EB4 registration nunmber FJ58 AJU. As you can make out from my drawing it was new in 2009 hence no LED lighting at the front and yellow hand rail instead of grey. I have recreated such detail as the wembley stadium logos.


Finally acomplished! a pencil drawing of a Network Warrington Optare Versa Electric Hybrid reg: YJ6 2FJO fleet No: 101. depicted on a Centrelink shuttle for which this bus was dedicated to prior withdrawal of the route. Please see other pencil drawings within the Bus Art section. A photograph of the realife vehicle is seen below the pencil drawing to demonstrate the detail of the livery and design of the Optare Versa model. Hope you like it!


An A3 size pencil drawing I completed of a coach with a local operator in Runcorn called Anthony’s Travel. Depicted is their Neoplan Tourliner Reg: P50 ANT. Anthony's Traval are a well established family business in Runcorn and known for thier slogan "simply the best" which is stated on their windscreens as shown in the drawing. Neoplan coaches are well known for their distictive sharp modern design.


A free hand pencil coloured drawing of a Selwyn’s Caetano Levante mk3 Scania K410EB6 reg: BM68 AHL new in February 2019 for National Express work. Such detail as the Wembley logo and the symbols of the onboard features on the first nearside window is shown.


Spot the Difference again! The top picture is my drawing of a Selwyns of Runcorn Neoplan Cityliner used during the 1980s. The driver of this vehicle lives near to me and I have presented him with a framed copy. The photograph below my drawing is the same coach. Hopefully you can see the detail of my drawing, with such features as the unique "sunrider holidays" livery. If anyone has good memories of this vehichle then it would be good to hear from you


This is a pencil drawing of a Mk2 Leyland National of Crosville Beechwood depot. Registration AFM 3W fleet number SNL3 working the T4 service in the unique Busway ."T" livery. These buses had a second door in the middle position of the bodywork for speeding up flow of passengers exiting the bus at stops around the busway network. If you have any memories of it please feel free to leave a comment through the home page.


Back to the 1980's with my pencil drawing of a Crosville Duple Laser 2 based at Runcorn depot. Details such as the heated windscreen elements can been seen. These vehicles were used on express services into liverpool and Chester.


An A3 size coloured pencil drawing of a Leyeland Lynx MKII reg: H35 HBG No 35 in the Halton Transport Fleet. They were very smart buses and looked very modern in the early 90s when other operators in the area had older cascaded vehicles. The MKII has a distinctive radiater at the front which I believe was needed for Volvo. They had a very distinctive sound which meant it could be easilty idenifed before it arrived at the bus stop! The drivers were really helpful. Part of the fond memories of Halton Transport. I have detailed both the inside with the red seating and the low level step into the saloon which can just be seen through the doors. As the majority of the fleet at the time were Leyland Lynx Halton Transport placed a logo of thre Lynx underneath the Jubilee bridge which I have depicted just above the door.


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